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614-583-5000 3600 Tremont Rd

First Term, effective October 2020 – June 30, 2025

“A core part of who I am is a member of the community. A person can only thrive when you build up those around you.”

Farida has been involved in various Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, including Equal UA, a Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the City of Columbus, and now as a member of the Upper Arlington Community Relations Committee. Farida’s life experiences are interwoven around diversity: “My whole life is a book on diverse experiences, but it only has helped me bring a fresh perspective to a situation instead of making me feel like an outsider.” Farida hopes to bring that perspective to the Community Relations Committee.

Farida is a GIS Analyst for the City of Columbus. Farida and her family have lived in Upper Arlington for approximately 30 years, and she is the proud mother of four children who have all become their own leaders and core members of the Muslim community in Columbus.

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