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614-583-5000 3600 Tremont Rd

Filling an unexpired term, effective October 1, 2020 – June 30, 2024

“My family and I immigrated from Kenya in 2000. Moving to a place that offered security, great neighborhoods, schools, and opportunities to succeed has sold me on the American Dream. As an immigrant, I have a perspective on Upper Arlington that does not take good roads and clean water, access to healthcare and libraries, and so much more for granted.”

Deborah has spent the majority of her career in not for profit organizations and is currently the Senior Development Officer for the Mount Carmel Foundation, raising funds for outreach programs that focus on infant mortality, crime and trauma assistance, substance abuse and programs to support good health in the community and for the organization. In a previous role at the American Red Cross, she created the Diversity Leadership Council and Partners for Life programs.

“I would like to make UA a more inclusive city where immigrants like me know that we belong and where we promote respect and mutual understanding.”

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