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The City of Upper Arlington’s Community Relations Committee (CRC) was created by City Council in 2020 to support Upper Arlington as a welcoming community and to promote understanding, mutual respect and a sense of belonging among all residents.

Culture & Artisans Fair
Culture & Artisans Fair
St. Mark’s Culture & Artisans Fair

10 am-3 pm, Saturday, May 4, 2024 St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 2151 Dorset Road Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church is hosting its second annual Culture and Artisans Fair on Saturday May 5, 2024, from 10 am to 3 pm. The event will feature approximately 20 artisans from all over the world, showcasing and selling their handmade items, as well as delicious…

cherry blossom graphic
Cherry Blossom Festival Celebrates Japanese Culture

Upper Arlington Cherry Blossom Celebration 5 pm, Wednesday, April 10 Mallway Park, Arlington Avenue The Upper Arlington Community Relations Committee invites residents to join them for the Second Annual Cherry Blossom Celebration, beginning at 5 pm, on Wednesday, April 10 in Mallway Park, on Arlington Avenue. This celebration of the grove of cherry trees by the Veterans Plaza is part…

Iftar Dinner
2024 Iftar Dinner

Members of the Community Relations Committee were pleased to host their first Iftar Dinner on March 20, in celebration of Ramadan. The event was one of a series of programs and activities designed to provide spaces for all members of our community to come together in new and exciting ways to recognize, celebrate and learn about the different cultures and…

UA Welcome Series

The CRC's 2024 UA Welcome Series is shaping up to be filled with opportunities for new and newer residents to connect and learn more about your hometown of choice. Below are highlights of the events planned so far: UA Schools New Families Event January 16 | UA High School This first time event included information sharing on spring/summer camps and…

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2024 Community Relations Innovation Grant Program Recipients Announced

The Community Relations Innovation Small Grant Program was established in 2022 to support community-based, innovative approaches to fulfilling the Community Relation Committee’s (CRC) Purpose, Mission and Vision. That year, two grants were awarded – to Rainbow UA for their UA Pride event, and to the Upper Arlington Schools for their Longest Table community discussion. The 2023 grant program expanded in…

2024 Observances Calendar

The City's Community Relations Committee has developed a calendar for 2024 that details notable national and religious holidays and observances as a useful reference tool for the community when planning special events or public meetings. Check out the Resources Section of the CRC website to view the calendar.  


The CRC has focused its work around three core areas of focus


The CRC advises the City on how it can better incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into all elements of city operations. The CRC has already helped guide the City in modifications that we have made to our hiring and purchasing processes. Additionally, the CRC has helped UA Police work on new ways to communicate with the community about policing in our community.


The CRC is working to find ways to bring together community organizations and individuals together to support the diverse communities already in Upper Arlington and raise their profile in the community. The CRC helped guide the City’s participation in Black History Month and our work with Upper Arlington Public Library and UA Schools on commemorations of other cultural events.


The CRC works with the City to explore ways to encourage more people and businesses from underrepresented groups to become part of the Upper Arlington community. The CRC and the City are exploring ways to better understand how to welcome new communities to UA and tell our story.


If you are curious about Upper Arlington – maybe you’re even considering moving here – we’d love to know what questions you have, what attributes you are looking for in a community and what resources you’d like us to connect you to. Please complete the email form below using the subject line “Considering UA.”


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