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CRC Statement on Middle East Situation

October 2023

The following statement was approved by the Community Relations Committee at its October 26, 2023 Meeting:

In the face of escalating violence and horrific loss of human life in the Middle East, the Community Relations Committee of Upper Arlington stands in solidarity with community members impacted by these tragic events. Situations like this only bring additional suffering and division if individuals are not able to see beyond their own views—for this reason, we encourage our community to come together for conversation, connection, learning, and consolation. The CRC condemns any form of violence that transpires against certain groups or individuals because of their views, race, ethnicity or religion. An important lesson to learn from what is happening is that civility and mutual understanding is the only way we can live and thrive together. Let us continue to practice civility to resolve issues during these tough times and in any future challenging circumstances that we might face. We hope that peace and justice prevail at the end of the day.



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