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First Term, effective October 2020 – June 30, 2026

“As I walk through the streets of Upper Arlington I see a vibrant, beautiful community, perfectly situated with the resources, affluence and happiness that all communities strive for. On these same walks, as I imagine my future family living and thriving happily on these very streets I can’t help but ask myself ‘do I belong here?’”

JP hails from Upstate New York, moving to the Columbus region about four years ago, and subsequently to UA about two years ago. He brings a fresh perspective as a newer resident that represents one of the many experiences the Community Relations Committee would like to address. He want to help the committee to succeed, not just for his own sake, but for all new and future residents who want to be part of a strong, welcoming, cohesive and inclusive community.

In JP’s professional life, he is an Advocacy and Public Policy Liaison for Prevention Action Alliance.

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